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GHC Holding Cabinet


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The Giles Holding Cabinet is designed to keep cooked foods hot and flavorful until peak demand occurs for your foodservice operation.


Our Unit is user friendly with an easy open door latch,casters for mobility and a basic computer temperature controller.


The GHC can accomodate up to 12 full size sheet pans or smaller with the use of optional shelving.


Easy cleanup is a plus. Shelving can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning.

Heated Merchandisers


GHM 4 Spec Sheet


GHM 6 Spec Sheet


GHM 8 Spec Sheet

The Giles Heated Merchandiser (GHM) is designed to maximize menu selections while keeping them fresh and at the proper serving temperature waiting for your customers to enjoy.


The GHM has been developed with flexibility in mind. Deli personnel have the option of displaying fresh prepared foods for full service, or placing pre-packaged foods for customer self-service. In either case, your products are highly visible and appealing to the customer.



GHM 4 Heated Merchandiser


Width: 44 1/4"
Depth: 36 9/16"
Height: 24 13/16"


GHM 6 Heated Merchandiser


Width: 70 3/16"
Depth: 36 9/16"
Height: 24 13/16"

GHM 8 Heated Merchandiser


Width: 96 1/8"
Depth: 36 9/16"
Height: 24 13/16"

Eurostyle Hot Food Merchandisers


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Display more food longer in less space with the Giles Euro Style Hot Food Merchandisers. One tier and two tier models are available to provide the perfect capacity for your individual needs.


The Giles Fried Euro Style Hot Food Merchandiser offers high visibility for all of your products with its curved front glass and bright incandescent illumination. It is ideal for cafeterias, delicatessens, convenience stores, supermarkets or any store that must conserve valuable counter space.


The Euro Style Hot Food Merchandiser has removable legs for flush mounting, which makes for a perfect marriage with the Chester Fried Express.


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