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VT-50/VT-200 Massage Tumbler



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  • All stainless steel chassis.

  • Polished stainless steel cabinet.

  • Removable heavy-duty stainless steel drum (VT-50) for easy loading, unloading and cleaning.

  • Increase production. The use of two drums allows for a continuous tumbling cycle with the VT-50 while one drum is in use, the second drum can be unloaded, cleaned and reloaded.

  • Removable lid gasket for easy cleaning.

  • Tumble timer…99 hour - 59 minute timer is standard.

  • Built-in vacuum pump permits processing under vacuum for shorter cycles and enhanced yield…prevents air pockets from forming in the meat. The vacuum gauge is installed in the control panel. A liquid trap protects the vacuum pump from damage.

  • Heavy-duty oil-tight push buttons and selector switches with replaceable electrical contact blocks to provide years of trouble-free service.

  • Variable speed control allows the drum speed to be varied between 1-20 RPM to obtain optimum tumbling results. Faster speeds shorten processing time, while slower speeds provide more gentle action for delicate products.

  • Optional stainless steel cart simplifies loading and unloading of drums filled with product. This specially designed cart makes it easy to tip the VT-50 drum onto a standard 34" high table or work counter.

LT Portable Landing Table


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With the versatile Giles Portable Landing Table, you have all the extra room you need!


The Giles LT is a versatile working table that provides extra and easy workspace. The 16” x 26” sheet pan, with an opened front allows for easy loading and unloading. The new LT also has a standard removable center shelf.


The Giles Landing Table also offers optional side racks that act as storage racks. These racks help keep supplies and pans within arm’s reach. Durable casters with locks, allow for ease in mobility as well as a safe, stationary working station.


Easy lift-off storage racks and complete stainless steel constuction make clean-up easy.

BBT Breading & Batter Table


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Chicken preparation was never simpler than with the Giles Portable Breading and Batter Table. A Food Box Shelf for chicken and a batter pan with a spring loaded, hinged basket to deliver the chicken into the breading - makes preparation quick and easy.


There is no messy clean-up with the new plastic pans. They overlap so no breading can make its way into hidden spaces while breading and battering delicious fried chicken.


The staging tray attached to the BBT also allows for easy preparation and loading of the fryer.

BBT-REF Refrigerated B & B Table


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The Giles (BBT), is an exciting new concept in food preparation equipment. Designed and manufactured by a name you associate with quality – Giles Foodservice Equipment.


The innovative Refrigerated Breading and Batter Table (BBT) is designed to provide foodservice operators with a workstation that helps promote food safety during the food preparation process.


This next generation concept keeps breading and batter dip refrigerated at temperatures from 34ºF to 40ºF to inhibit growth of dangerous bacteria.


The Giles Enterprises Team – developing solutions to help you meet the challenges of today’s foodservice market.

GOC Portable Oil Caddy


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  • With the versatile Giles Portable Oil Caddy you can safely remove old shortening.

  • Holds up to two fryers (80 lbs.) of shortening.

  • The Portable Oil Caddy will pump or extract new and used shortening. To reverse shortening flow, simply reverse the direction of the crank handle.

  • The portable nature of the Giles Portable Oil Caddy gives it flexibility and efficiency, which saves you time and money. It’s a perfect space-saver.

  • Equipped with a Sight Glass to provide for easy viewing of shortening level. This prevents overfilling and spillage.

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Completely portable

  • 8 x 1.75” wheels

  • Washable storage tank

  • 5 ft. long wand hose assembly


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