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Model 722



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A reliable durable and inexpensive countertop service grinder. Also an ideal lab grinder for a small or medium sized meat packer.

  • 1 HP motor, high speed auger and size 22 head may more than double the output of a size 12 grinder.

  • High torque single reduction belt drive means maximum power without belt slippage for maximum productivity.

  • Simple, rugged construction means easy to use, easy to clean, and will last for a long time. Your service meat department is more productive and you get a great return on your investment.

  • Typical excellent Biro engineering means you own a virtually maintenance-free grinder for years to come.

  • Designed for use by restaurants, and meat departments. The Model 722's low price and rugged durability make it an outstanding service grinder.

Models 812/822/922



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Used in service meat departments, delis and specialty meat shops for the grinding and chopping of any fresh beef, lamb or pork products.


The 1 horsepower Model 922 flared bowl fast feed grinder/chopper can produce an average of 18 pounds per minute. It features a stainless steel cases and removable stainless steel product holding trays.


High polish, easy to clean stainless steel cases as standard. Stainless steel product holding trays are easily removed for cleaning.


Special high torque, positive grip, non-stretch steel wire belt transmission. This special belt has the advantage of a chain type drive system, but is both smoother and quieter.


*Model 922 shown at left

Model 6642


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Designed for heavy duty, high productivity use in food stores, commercial or institutional kitchens, Biro's 6642 features a wide angle bowl and guard for higher productivity. Properly used it gives you heat-free grinding, permitting the meat to retain its bloom.


The large stainless steel feed pan also enhances production. Exclusive Biro oil bath type transmission with double reduction steel gears assure you of the power and reliability you need for day to day operations - year after year.


Biro's Model 6642 gear driven 2 HP (1.5kw) grinder is equipped (no extra cost) with an easy-to-clean stainless steel case and removable tray. Accepts size 32 (100mm) plates and knives.

Model 346


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Designed for today's tight spaces, this heavy duty grinder gives the high productivity demanded by supermarkets, commercial and institutional kitchens.


Downsized to fit today's meat rooms without sacrificing heavy duty performance. Productive straight fast feed system. Quiet running. Safety interlocked removable tray. Stainless steel case and removable tray, dismantles quickly for easy clean-up and sanitation.


The Model 346 Grinder/Chopper is designed for minimum floor space yet offers large tray capacity found on larger floor model grinders.


Biro's Heavy Duty Grinder, Model 346 is driven by a powerful 3 HP motor. A straight fast feed system enhances productivity. The case and removable tray are all stainless steel for easy clean-up and sanitation. Accepts size 32 plates and knives.

Heavy Horsepower Grinders


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A series of heavy duty grinders available with size 48, 52, or 56 grinding heads and a selection of 3 (2.2kw), 5 (4kw), 7.5 (5.5kw), 10 (7.5kw), or 15 (11kw) horsepower high torque motors.


All grinders feature stainless steel case and stainless steel high back trays as standard, plus the Biro exclusive non-slip drive transmission.


Proven design for any small, medium, or large processing application. Productivity ranges from 1,500 (680kg) pounds per hour to 7,500 (3,400kg) pounds per hour.


Built rugged, dependable chain drive power, lower repeat maintenance, deep tapered thrust bearings for long life, safety interlock switch system.


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